How to Make a Rubber Latex Mold for a Sculpture (part 1)


  • 1- Buy materials from a manufacturer with good reputation. The quality of material may make the process a pleasurable or frustrating experience.
  • 2- Some materials have a limited shelf life. Better buy what you need and use it as soon as possible.
  • 3- Always read the Manufactures Safety Data Sheet and Instructions. Since every material from even the same manufacturers behave differently.
  • 4- Always do a test job. Three reasons: 1- Check if the material has not expired. 2- Test if the material meets your expectations. .3. Get acquainted with the behavior of the material
  • 5- Plan ahead before starting the process. That will make you save time materials money and frustration.. Some pieces, (unless it is a valuable original) may need to be cut and later reassembled to make the process easier or more effective or just possible.
  • 6- Consider hiring a professional if the budget allows it. It may prove the extra cost.

Reasons why you may want to make a mold and reproduction of a piece of art:

  • 1- You have a valuable original that you want to display with pride, but at the same time want to keep it in a safer place while displaying a copy that looks just like the original. Museums and other institutions just do that.
  • 2- You want to make presents.
  • 3-You want to start a business and you either own the copyright or have an agreement with the copyright holder.
  • 4- You want to restore an object or building to its original state and need to repilcate some textures or detail.

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