Visual Artist Diary

December 16, 2009

Another day in the life of a visual artist.

I varnished a paint that my manager wants to give as a a present today.

Then I started working on the mold of the sculpture. While it dries I am finishing another painting.


Visual Artist Diary

December 15, 2009

After loosing my sleep literally the whole night over wich blogging application should I use and finally trying to get acquainted with wordpress, I finally woke up.

I have two deadlines to meet. One is a sculpture made in clay. Originally it was conceived for a terracotta, so it is modeled hollow inside. I measures 35 inches high.

I am making  a mold in rubber latex. It is a tedious process since you have to apply so many layers of the liquid latex, wait for every layer to dry and keep applying more layers until certain thickness is achieved.  The result is something like this. (wait for me to post the picture)

The other deadline is several illustrations for a booklet that i will have to put together and send to them as a pdf file ready to print.

And then I have to keep with the painting production every day for my manager. I owe her some paintings. On this last one I am almost free to choose the subject.  The media that I use the most is Oil on Canvas and Acyilic on Canvas. You will see an image of this work in progress soon.

The night ended customizing a frame that my manager ordered over the internet.

Stay in touch to see some of my arwork