A Silent Auction of Art.

March 3, 2010

Hello. Today I am going to talk about a silent auction that I attended and how it worked.
I got out of the car at the parking lot where the auction was going to happen. I did not know exactly the room or building that hosted the auction. Then I saw some individuals getting out of one car and walking towards one of the buildings. I asked them if they were going to the auction and they said yes. Once inside, they signed a guest book.  A lady was handing some paper with the list of artists, curriculum vitae,   artwork and  reference number. There was a table with some booklets and business cards from the artists who donated their artwork. A ramp communicated to the main room through a hallway. There were some paintings hanging there. Below each painting there was a clipboard with information about the art piece. It contained minimum bid, bid increment and actual market value, also a form in which the bidders (art collectors) would write their names and their offer.  After the hallway I found the main room full of paintings, and  two tables, one with food and the other one with soft drinks and Bacardi rum. It was a nice occasion to socialize with fellow artists and art collectors.

The organizer of the auction made a presentation highlighting personal anecdotes about his experiences in collecting art, and said that as an investor his best and most valued inversion was in art. I myself can not stop thinking about the advantages of collecting art. Easy to keep, enjoyable,  portable, enhances the living space, makes a terrific present, can be traded, bartered, sold etc with almost no legal implications.

The silent auction is not as silent as its name states. In reality people talk, and they talk a lot.  A silent auction is one in which bidders silently post their bids in a piece of paper, below the artwork or artworks of their interest. That, gives people opportunity   to talk,  meet friends,  artists, art collectors, and art dealers.

I met the winning bidder of one painting that I made. It was the person I asked if they were going to the auction.