Art Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery

3 Responses to Art Gallery

  1. Eileen says:

    Alejandro,,it was so nice meet gislani and you at the beach..your painting of realism
    Is excellent.. You have the hand.keep working with it.y ou have much talent..
    Your interior shots in your gallery are to me very mysterious, lonely and internal..
    Were they earlier works?

    Peace, plenty and lots of light
    And the feelings of recognition of positive energy is “mutual”
    Eileen Seitz


  2. Chitta says:

    Alex, you produce good stuff. Hope recognition comes soon and in abundance. It is time!

  3. Jorge says:

    He inspire my everyday ,his talent and personal charm made him a unique person and a real huge artist.I receive from him the best gift ever have : flowers in my birthday that live for ever near my .Thanks you Alex .
    J L Lam-Can

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